Virtual Training at Home

Welcome to the Jersey Knights Virtual Training Page! 


As the COVID 19 pandemic evolves we ask our players and their families to stay safe, healthy and follow all recommended protocols to end this pandemic.

While the Club does not recommend players self training without parental permission we recognize that players need to excercize  and may wish to practice some basic skills at home. In addition, our coaches are working hard at providing their  respective  teams with learning opportunities to improve their understanding of the game. All coaches will be in regular contact with players via conference video with recommendations for soccer learning opportunites. 

All players are currently attending school remotely and are adept at working online. Coaches will be meeitng with teams  to discuss tactical activites, college preparations, fitness and technical options (with parental permission). 

Please continue to follow recommeded protocols for dealing with this virus. STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!

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NJYS Training 

Jersey Knight Coaches will continue to provide their teams with activities and assignments as well as face to face video conference time each week.


  • Plan training time into your daily schedule. Effective time management is a powerful skill that enables you to be more organized and successful. Just like soccer training, school work and chores at home, practice makes perfect. Practice effective time management and become a successful student/athlete. 

  • Safety is important. Always get your parents permission to workout in the yard or in the house. Especially in the house!

  • Training effort needs balance. Use a ratio of 1:1 for training. Tha means for every minute you work give the same number of minutes of rest.

  • Keep track of your progress so you can share with your coach. 

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