The Jersey Knights Training Club Begins in September!


The goal of the Training Club is to provide an advanced training approach in an environment enjoyable and age appropriate for all participants. Technical and tactical instruction will be conducted through the application of small-sided games so that players will experience a training environment that replicates the real game. Our professional coaching staff will emphasize the appropriate technical and tactical speed that is necessary for success in today’s game.

Training exercises will be based on the age and level of ability of players. Sessions will be designed to help players achieve their maximum potential through progressive exercises that are age appropriate and individually and developmentally challenging. Training will focus on small side games using the 3 v 3 model when ever possible.
A typical 90 minute session will include technical and tactical instruction that emphasizes correct technique through the use of short-sided games. Basic skills emphasized include ball mastery and correct technique. In addition, a range of activities and techniques will be used to develop confidence, composure with the ball, and creativity. As players progress more advanced skills such as playing under pressure, playing in confined space, 1st touch on the ball and defensive tactics will be covered.  All sessions will take place at the Jersey Knights Soccer Complex in Franklin Township.
The Training Club  is now accepting applications for its Fall 2009 Program. Sessions will begin on Friday evenings at 6:30 PM starting September 11th. Register online or submit an application through the mail. Visit the links on the left side of the page for more information.