Sample Player-Coach Letter


Player Name
Phone Number
Email Address (for next 3 years)
Dear Coach (make sure you put in the correct name and spelling)
My name is (Your Name).  I am a junior at (Name of High School) in (Town/State) and will graduate in June 2010. I have a GPA of     ?    and a SAT score of    ?  . I am very interested in your soccer program and would like to learn more about the University of (Name of School).
Paragraph 2 – (Talk about your ODP Level and experience). (Explain what level State/Regional/National and number of years participating). I have been a member of the New Jersey ODP. Boys/Girls State team/Area ODP Pool for the last ? years. I will be participating in the (Name of Tournament) in June and (Name of Tournament) in July.
Paragraph 3 – (Talk about your Club Team and its achievements). I play for a very high level and successful club team, the Jersey Knights (Name of team). (Achievements)Last year, we had a great year and were crowned New Jersey State Cup Champions and reached the finals at (Name a tournament)in Virginia Beech.
Paragraph 4 - Explain the position you play on your club team and your HS team. (Explain what your strongest traits are as a player. Include any accolades and achievements, etc).
Paragraph 5 – Discuss your Academic interests. Explain any career thoughts you may have.
I look forward to hearing from you soon and I hope you will be able to watch me play in the near future. My club team will be participating in the following tournaments this fall:
(Name all Tournaments). I will forward you a schedule when I receive it. You can also visit for more information about my team and myself.